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  • mt800-and-porter-fl2.png

    Laser Drag Scraper

    Porter’s Laser Drag Scraper has great maneuverability & precise control, making difficult finishing jobs easier to handle. This Laser Scraper is able to move dirt faster while maintaining that laser finishing.

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    Laser Tower Trailer

    Overall Dimensions: 11’ height x 12’ length x 7’4” wide
    Securely stands on 3 adjustable legs
    41/2’ square cage completely surrounds transmitter mount
    Full-length safety rails up the 8 steps and around the cage
    5” square tube for mounting transmitter
    2” Ball hitch for easy towing
    Comes with new 20.5-75D15 tires and 15” wheels

  • case-tractors-and-porter-scrapers.jpg

    Ejector Carry-All

    With the maneuverability and precision finish that Porter’s Carry-All provides, it makes a highly efficient and productive scraper for your operations. The quality hardened bushing and pins together with reinforced stress points, extend the life of the Carry-All, making it perfect for contractors and farmers.

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