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  • p3d-tesla-side.jpg

    Pocket 3D

    Pocket-3D is comprised of powerful software programs that run on a Windows CE® platform field controller like the Compaq iPaq, and now, the Topcon FC-100. Pocket-3D simplifies contractors’ data collection, allowing you to to check cuts and fills, layout points and survey all or part of the jobsite better and more conveniently than ever.

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    Designed for multiple types of tasks, the RL-SV2S can be used for horizontal, sloping and vertical laser applications. Slopes up to +/- 15 degrees can be used in either the X or Y axis. Turn it on its side and use it for layout and alignment jobs.

  • hiperv.png

    HiPer V

     LaserMan, Inc.’s Top Selling GNSS Receiver of 2013. This receiver is a compact, cable-free solution with Vanguard Technology for all GNSS positioning applications. It also carries an affordable price creating a quick return on investment. 

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