Machine Control

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    Paver System 5

    Topcon’s Paver System Five is the standard in the industry for Non — Contacting Screed Control for Asphalt Pavers.

    System Five is a complete machine control package which includes Single or Dual Sonic Trackers, Slope Control and the optional Sonic Averaging System. You can also add Laser Receivers for projects in which Lasers can be utilized such as airport jobs.

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    System 5

    Topcon’s revolutionary System Five gives you the advanced automatic machine control technology needed for a competitive edge in today’s market.

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    Topcon’s X62 system represent a giant leap in excavator grade indication. Completely user friendly and user definable, flexible enough to apply to even the most difficult jobs. X62 featuring the Windows based GX-60 Control Box - fully upgradeable to Topcon’s X63 GPS+ excavator control. The system includes four TS—1 360° tilt sensors used to measure angles between the cab, boom, stick and bucket. Include Topcon’s optional LS-B10W laser receiver an you have the industries most advanced laser indicate system.

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